The SCRIPT-TOOL ENNEAGRAM 2.0 is so conceived that the user can gain a quick summary of the character profiles and then delve into the single profiles more specifically.

Here, there are causalities for the behaviour of characters that you can use or reject as a writer – in any case they are a goal-orientated inspiration. Here, the mechanical term ‘tool’ is used intentionally to show that the Enneagram is exactly that – neither more nor less and certainly not a substitute for one’s own phantasy.

Nine different basic characters are reviewed according to these criteria: Light, Shadow, Childhood Pattern, Dilemma, Inner Conflict, Danger, Maturation, Entanglement, Wings and Conflict Behaviour. Some of these terms derive from the vocabulary of dramaturgy, others from the Enneagram theory. In the SCRIPT-TOOL ENNEAGRAMM 2.0. both have been newly combined in a meaningful way.