The Work DVD FIGURES AND CHARACTERS introduces only the character model, not the structural one. Compared to the E-Book, it contains an in-depth study of the characters with considerably more subject matter. It was published in 2012 by VISTAS. There is not an English version yet.

1. Opening Credits
2. The Problem of Credibility
3. Scientific and Esoteric Approaches
4. The Enneagram as an Empirical Model of Understanding
5. Summary of the Enneagram Character Model
6. End Credits

– The Enneagram Character Model in Detail (Characters 1–9)
– 3 short films
– 9 interview
– scripts

With it's practical menu guide, the work DVD may well be used as a direct tool for script development. With each of the nine characters, you can navigate through the following themes: Light, Shadow, Childhood Development, Dilemma, Inner Conflict, Danger, Maturation, Entanglement, Development, Wings and Conflict Behaviour.

The work DVD also contains three short films illustrating the nine characters. Each of these give an interview where their character differences become more apparent. The scripts of these short films, are also included.