E-Book and Work-DVD by Jens Becker

The SCRIPT-TOOL ENNEAGRAM 2.0 rediscovers an old typology theory as a working tool for story tellers – the Enneagram.

If you intend to develop characters and want to learn more about their attributes, or you design plot structures and are searching for a convincing model, the SCRIPT-TOOL ENNEAGRAM 2.0 is a new and helpful tool for this. It is not only applicable for screenplays but for other literary forms such as novels, short stories and theatre plays.

The Enneagram is an age-old insight and self-recognition model that systematically explores nine different character profiles. Furthermore, it allows for and describes the inner dynamics of personality change, in countless varieties. Only in the last few decades has it been brought to world-wide attention. In the meantime, a few non-fiction books about the subject, which analyse literature and film with the help of the Enneagram scheme, have appeared.
This Script-tool takes on a totally new approach by optimizing the Enneagram system directly for screen play development. It is a most efficient tool for the creation of credible characters or structuring a plot.